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Culinary Tours

Culinary TourSights, sounds, smells and tastes. These are the core ingredients of a Culinary Tour. Experience the beauty and history of old Italia while sampling unique dishes hand prepared each night by notable Italian Chefs! Participate in a real Italian cooking class in Florence, Piedmont, and Venice or along the Amalfi Coast while experiencing the sights and sounds of Italy.

If Italian is not your flavor, then let Travelworld design a culinary tour to France, the British Isles or even Eastern Europe. Each area is renowned for its exquisite taste and cooking style, and Travelworld can help you plan an experience of these unique cultures. Finally, don’t forget to sample the local wines and spirits while enjoying the flavorful dishes of a Culinary Tour!

If this sounds like an adventure your senses want to explore on your next vacation, then contact our Culinary Tour Expert today to plan a vacation for your senses!

Special Interest Specialist
Culinary Tours Binnie Coppersmith