aerial view of Italy
  • aerial view of Italy
    There is probably no country in the Western World that has so many well preserved examples of previous cultures and civilizations.
  • Pizza
    Where else can you find truly original pizza and pasta?
  • Trevi Fountain
    Our movies and television have celebrated ("Roman Holiday" and "Three Coins in the Fountain") and reviled ("The Godfathers" and the "Sopranos") Italy and Italians.
  • Singer
    Our singers (of Italian and non-Italian) have sung about the country (Bette Midler with "Mambo Italiano" and Dean Martin with "That's Amore".)

  • Residenza del Moro in Florence
    Throughout Italy, the visitor can find accommodations of every kind:
  • Attico Partenopeo in Naples
    from humble beds and breakfasts
  • Fiorano in Marche
    to small family owned hotels and country inns,
  • Masseria Torre Coccaro
    from two star to five (sometimes plus) star hotels,
  • Relais Villarena in Amalfi Coast
    from rental apartments to palatial villas to rent by the day, week or month.

  • Stained Glass
    Art is everywhere, especially in the Churches and Basilicas,
  • Cathedral de Milan
    as religion and those high up in the Church were major benefactors of the artists of the times, starting as early as the Fall of Rome.
  • Roman Forum
    Ancient ruins abound throughout the country;
  • Civita Di Bagnoregio
    ruins from the Early Etruscans,
  • Temple of Hera II
    the Greeks,
  • Coliseum
    and the Romans. Many are quite well preserved.

  • Lake Como
    Nowhere is the physical beauty of Italy more evident than in the Lake District ...
  • Morcote Ticino
    that portion of Italy on the West which has a common boundary with Switzerland,
  • Lord Byron
    and written about by the English Romantic Poets (Byron, Keats, Shelley, Wordsworth) with good reason.
  • San Giorgio Maggiore
    Lakes include (starting from West to East) Magiore, Lugano, Como, and Garda.
  • Lake Como
    Each with more lovely scenery than the next;
  • Lake Garda
    each a more than pleasant place to relax and enjoy nature;
  • Lake Lugano with the dam of Melide
    all with something for everyone.

  • Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan
    Milan, home of Italy's fashion center
  • Leonarda Da Vinci, Last Supper
    and Leonard da Vinci's Last Supper
  • Milan Night
    is the gateway to the Lakes but is a destination of its own.
  • Monte Bianco
    It is also a gateway to the newly rediscovered Piemonte region.
  • Alps Val Gardena
    Turin is the Piemonte main city and the home of the 2006 Winter Olympics.
  • Vinyard in San Giovanni
    The wines of the region, Barola, Barbaresco, Barbera, and Asti Spumante are world class.
  • White Truffle
    Gourmets are passionate about the white truffles found in the Fall.

aerial view of Italy


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