• Granada
    A country of many cultures and contrast Spain has a bit of everything, for everyone.
  • Map of Spain
    It is divided by many different regions each with their own history, Fiestas and traditions.
  • Green Spain
    Northern Spain, often referred to as Green Spain, is made up of beautiful vistas of the Cantabrico Sea. The ancestry of Celtic Origin making it very much like Ireland with fjords that run for miles and magnificent scenery.
  • Altamira Cave Painting
    Some places of interest are The Caves of Altamira where you can see paintings from 20,000 years ago.
  • Picos de Europa National Park
    Another impressive site is the Picos de Europa National Park with rising mountain of 8500 feet that goes from the Atlantic Sea to the Pyrenees.

  • Pensacola
    When visiting Spain one must be sure to take time to head to the south of Spain, Andalucia.
  • Roman Bridge Mesquita in Cordoba
    Places such as Sevilla, Granada and Cordoba are melting pots of different culture with a very different past then the other regions of the country.
  • Catedral de Santa Mariadela Sede in Seville
    Here the Moorish, Christians and Jewish left their influences with amazing architecture such as Sevillas Gothic Cathedral
  • Alhambra Courtyard of Lions
    and the amazing Alhambra Palace in Granada.

  • The Mezquita (Mosque) in Cordoba
    The Mesquita (Mosque), now called La Cathedral is something left behind from Cordoba's glory days.
  • Cordoba Mezquita Columns
    Should you choose to enter one of the Mosque's nineteen doors, you will find yourself in a forest of more than 860 slender columns made of marble, porphyry, and jasper that support timber roof and arches richly decorated with scarlet and gold.
  • Cordoba Mezquita Interior
    Hundreds of years ago 280 huge silver and brass chandeliers burned perfumed oil to illuminate the interior on special occasions. The largest was 38 feet in circumference with 1454 lamps with 36,000 plates of silver, riveted with gold and decorated with jewels fitted into its reflector.

  • Mijas
    This southern Region is also home to the small Historic Whitewash villages which make it unique from the rest of the country. Mijas is a must visit, with beautiful vistas of the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Jerez Bodega
    Also to visit is Jerez de la Frontera with it bodegas where Sherry comes from
  • Ronda bull ring
    and the town of Ronda where you will see the oldest Bull ring in the world build by Romans.

  • Barcelona Beach
    Lastly the south of Spain is home to Malaga and Barcelona. Both coastal destinations feature white sand beaches along the Mediterranean.
  • Malaga Cliff
    Malagas Costa del Sol is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.
  • Barcelona Sagrada Familia
    Barcelona of course is home to both great art and monuments such as Gaudis influenced Sagrada Familia,
  • Barcelona Casa Mila
    Casa Mila and Casa Batlo as well as the Picasso Museum.

  • Madrid Metro Station
    The capital of this diverse country is the very modern city of Madrid, located in central Spain.
  • Madrid Retiro Park
    The romance of Retiro Park,
  • Madrid Roya Palace
    majesty of the Royal Palace and culture of the Museo Prado all make Madrid an absolute must.

  • Segovia Cathedral
    If the fast pace of Madrid is too much then just shortly outside the city you will find the towns of Segovia and Toledo.
  • Segovia aqueduct
    Segovia being a medieval town featuring a breathtaking aqueduct
  • Toledo Alcazar
    and Toledo the home of the great El Greco. The small winding roads of both towns definitely will take you back to another place in time.

  • Tapas
    Of course there is one thing that every region of Spain has that is not to missed and that is the food! Tapas are server everywhere you go and can be enjoyed with some of the country's great wines.
  • Seville Alcazar
    Simply put, visiting Spain is not someplace to consider visiting but rather a MUST visit.



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